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Pain Management Specialist

Young's Physical Therapy & Acupuncture

Physical Therapy & Acupuncture located in Midtown West, New York, NY

When you suffer from chronic pain, it frequently affects the quality of your life and makes it difficult to participate in the activities you enjoy. Youngsoo Oh, PT, of Youngs Physical Therapy & Acupuncture, specializes in pain management through physical therapy and acupuncture to help patients in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York City get relief from debilitating symptoms. If you want to treat pain holistically without dependency on medications, call or schedule a consultation online with Youngs Physical Therapy & Acupuncture today.

Pain Management Q & A

What is Pain Management?

Pain is a complex symptom because it often signifies a variety of underlying health conditions. As a result, there are many different treatment options to remedy your pain depending on your specific condition. Although some men and women believe they need prescription drugs to alleviate pain, physical therapy, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes may be more effective at relieving your pain and keeping you pain-free long term. The goal of pain management is to find the most effective combination of therapies for the cause of your condition so you can get back to living your life.

Instead of medications, Mr. Oh prescribes an alternative, more holistic pain management methods, including:

  • Physical therapy and therapeutic touch methods
  • Exercises and stretching
  • Acupuncture (Done by Erica Hong, LAc)
  • Massage therapy
  • Dietary or lifestyle changes

You may also consider taking nutritional supplements and herbal remedies, or mind-body therapies, including meditation and relaxation techniques. If you suffer from chronic pain and are looking for long-term relief without prescriptions or over-the-counter pain medications, it helps to take an active role in managing your pain.

Mr. Oh advises you on the best combination of natural treatment methods, and the amount of time it may take to get long-lasting relief. Although with physical therapy and acupuncture you may not get instant relief as you would with medications, be assured that over time you can experience a significant improvement and avoid the harmful side effects of pills.

How Does Physical Therapy Help Manage Pain?

Physical therapists like Mr. Oh are specially trained medical professionals who focus on the diagnosis and treatment of different types of pain. He carefully considers your overall health, lifestyle, and medical history to determine and treat the underlying causes of your pain. Physical therapists often treat acute pain from injuries, chronic joint and muscle conditions, and even cancer.

Once Mr. Oh diagnoses the underlying source of your pain, he works with you to find the ideal combination of strengthening and pain-relieving exercises. He employs hands-on therapies, stretching techniques, and other complementary methods such as acupuncture to effectively relieve your pain. As he continues to work with you, he uses a variety of techniques to help improve strength, decrease pain, and increase mobility and flexibility.

Is Physical Therapy or Acupuncture Painful?

Physical therapy and acupuncture for pain management should not hurt. However, it may be challenging at first, especially if you have to move parts of your body that are stiff, in pain, or injured. With a highly skilled physical therapist and acupuncturist on staff, Mr. Oh understands the challenges you face and has the proper staff there to assist you and ensure your safety during treatment and throughout the healing process.

Call or schedule a consultation online today to learn more.