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Knee Pain Specialist

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Millions of Americans experience acute and chronic knee pain each day. There are so many different reasons for knee pain, and it can be hard to know what's causing your discomfort. Youngsoo Oh, PT, of Youngs Physical Therapy & Acupuncture, specializes in physical therapy to help patients of all ages in the Midtown Manhattan area of New York City get relief from knee pain brought on by any number of causes. Mr. Oh's experience in rehabilitation allows him to accurately diagnose and treat your knee pain, so you enjoy long-lasting relief. Call or schedule a consultation online today.

Knee Pain Q & A

What Causes Chronic Knee Pain?

Knee problems often occur during sports activities, work-related tasks, or after years of wear and tear. As with any other joint in your body, overuse of the knee joint can lead to strain and pain. Additionally, arthritis and injuries cause knee pain that often doesn’t go away on its own and requires medical attention and physical therapies.

If you injure your knee and it doesn’t heal properly, you can end up with chronic problems with the surrounding ligaments, tendons, and the fluid around the knee joint. You might also hurt the bones and cartilage surrounding your knees, depending on the severity of the injury you sustain. Some of the most common types of knee injuries include:

  • ACL injuries: torn anterior cruciate ligament
  • Tendinitis: irritated and inflamed tendons surrounding the kneecap
  • Torn meniscus: torn cartilage (meniscus) around the knee due to sudden twisting while bearing weight
  • Bursitis: injured sacs of fluid (bursae) around your knee joint
  • Fractures: broken bones caused by a fall or impact to the knee

Who is at Risk for Developing Chronic Knee Pain?

Adults who are significantly overweight have a greater risk of knee problems than those who maintain a proper weight. The aging process also increases your risk of arthritis and other chronic knee conditions. Additionally, If you played a sport when you were younger and suffered an injury, you may develop arthritis later in life.

Mr. Oh, an experienced physical therapist, evaluates your overall health so he can determine any factors that could be contributing to your knee pain. Once he determines the causes, he prescribes an optimal combination of nonsurgical procedures to help you get long-term pain relief. Your treatment plan may include any of the following:

  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Rehabilitation exercises

How Well Do Nonsurgical Knee Pain Treatments Work?

Treating knee pain without surgery is possible. The right combination of physical therapies, acupuncture, and lifestyle changes can alleviate the majority of your knee pain for good. However, the longer you ignore knee pain symptoms, the less chance you have of avoiding surgery.

If you’re concerned about avoiding invasive surgeries, the sooner you seek treatment from Mr. Oh for your knee pain, the better. Call or schedule an evaluation today using the online system.